Report dimensions of diversity essay

An important part of our course is researching information on diversity and multiculturalism and its social, cultural, and ethical impact upon individual citizens, groups of people, and society at large. In the twenty-first century, Web sites are an important channel of communication between organizations and their external stakeholders. If an organization is serious about its commitment to diversity, one would expect that this would be reflected in the design, content, and graphics of the Web site. Potential employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

Report dimensions of diversity essay

Diversity is not restrained to the workplace only and is seen in all environments. There is diversity in communities and social organizations all of which need to be considered. People must be able to define and understand diversity in order to begin accepting it. Accepting diversity then leads to inclusion.

Dimensions of Cultural Diversity There are several dimensions of cultural diversity. According to Richard T. Census Update, Twelfth Editioncultural diversity includes age, gender, ethnic background, metal and physical disabilities, characteristics, race, and sexual orientation.

The dimensions of cultural diversity define each person as an individual. Cultural diversity dimensions are often visible such as race and hair color or texture, but cultural dimensions such as Report dimensions of diversity essay, language, and education are not as easily identifiable.

Each individual is born into cultural diversity and have no way of changing all of the dimensions which define them. Individuals must develop traits to define themselves rather than allowing their culture speak for and define them.

People should use culture only to define where they are born, raised, the language they speak, and who they interact with; all other parts of a person should be defined by the individual standards, beliefs, and characteristics.

Cultures should not limit a person or the potential they possess. Identifying with Ethnic, Cultural, or Other Groups Often times, people allow their ethnicity, culture, or other groups identify them and how they act. Some people may blame their behavior on their ethnicity, culture, or groups they identify with and make no attempts to change.

The dimensions of cultural diversity define the author as being a Caucasian female. The values of the author define her as holding strong cultural and family ties.

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Strong family ties and descending from a family with strong ties to the military led the author to make the decision and join the Air Force. The author completed her time in the military and has knowledge and understanding with this group. The author is also a student and belongs to this group. Being a student while working full-time brings on several challenges and the author can relate to this group of personnel.

While trying to better herself, she takes on the daily struggles. The author feels these are both groups that once associated with people will have a general understanding for others in the groups.

Report dimensions of diversity essay

Diversity and Inclusion Differences To have an understanding of the differences between diversity and inclusion, they must be defined. Diversity continues to create attention in the working environment and looks to employee personnel most qualified for the position instead of focusing on hiring minorities to show diversity in the organization.

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There are factors that work against or make inclusion difficult in all environment; these factors are prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, and privilege. All of the factors draw negative attention to the concept of diversity in all environments.

Diversity is expanding the cultural dimensions and adding qualified personnel to an environment, but inclusion is an aspect of diversity.

If inclusion is not conducted or is counteracted by the factors, the diversity is not successful. Diversity Training The importance of providing diversity training is that people need to know how to work and interact with diversity in all environments.

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While these laws and regulations are in effect, there are some people who may not have had any interaction with diversity and do not know how to act or what to or not to say. Diversity training would provide all employees the opportunity to ask questions and have a general understanding of the interactions they will be faced with.

Diversity training may also discuss prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, and privileges and what will not be tolerated. The work environment is extremely diverse and all employees interact with each other seamlessly. There is inclusion in the work environment, and people are looked at and looked at as a person.

In the work environment, people are expected to work together on various projects; there is no room for prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, or privileges to take effect throughout the project or time spent together.

MIT LL employees are expected to handle and conduct themselves in a professional manner and by doing so there is no room for prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, or privileges. MIT LL personnel are looked at and defined as a person and what they do or how they contribute to the work that needs to be complete, not by any of the cultural diversity dimensions.

With the ever growing globalization with the internet and social networking sites and diverse working environments, people need to know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner.Apply critical-thinking skills to answer the following questions based on this week’s readings.

1. What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Report Writing Service; Reflective Practice Service; PowerPoint Presentation Service; Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: secondary, and tertiary dimensions that go beyond race and gender.

The aim of diversity is to allow all individuals to contribute fully to the success of the organization. Report- Dimensions of Diversity Essay  Dimension of Diversity Race and/or gender are not the definition of diversity.

Diversity is all of us and how we are so different. Critical evaluation of the Hofstede cultural dimensions theory. In order to function in the today’s competitive and global business environment it is being required by the managers of an organization to comply with the practice like managing the people and their .

Definition of Gender Mainstreaming Essay Sample “Gender mainstreaming is a process not a goal” The UN Women training centre defines Gender mainstreaming as the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or .

Cultural Diversity Academic Essay. Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements manufacturing government, education, sports, etc. Then, prepare a report on the following: Evaluate how accessible diversity-related material is on this Web site.

Is there a direct link from the home page? Secondary Dimensions Include: Geographic Location.

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