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The undisputed giants of the sportswear and sports equipment industries, consumers can generally expect quality products from the two brands. Nevertheless, there are instances wherein one may be the better option over the other, and the factors that go into making such a decision do not always have anything to do with the quality of the products. Photo by adifansnet Sponsorships And Market Focus Nike has always come in ahead of Adidas in terms of celebrity sponsorships, although to its credit, Adidas has taken considerable steps to narrow the gap. Nike still has the edge over its competition in terms of sales however, and it remains to be seen whether Adidas will catch up any time soon.

Nike reebok

Bernie Caviness September 6, at Nike reebok Kapernick person is not suitable to be used in any marketing program. I hope to never hear that name again in association with the NFL, and i will not purchase anything from your brand as long as you continue to recognize his existence Let him spent his time kneeling on the sidewalk, or walking around the parking lots He has his right to protest, but let him do it the way the rest of Nike reebok do.

I will NOT support his crappy ideas.


Urban September 6, at Recently, my family and I were visiting Greece and actually took time away from seeing amazing archaeological sites to get a pair of Nike soccer cleats at the mythical home of Goddess Nike, the Athens Nike store.

What a true brand loyal family we are…or were. Sports and sports equipment are much better without politics and agendas.

Sport competition is one of the few freedoms that we can all enjoy without racial, gender or political biases. Something our country badly needs right now.

Why did Nike throw themselves into a volatile political agenda that is abusing the very fabric of our nation that represents the freedom of all citizens to do as they please?

The National Anthem represents the best of what America has endured, overcame, and will continue to overcome in the future.

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Kaepernick really believe in, and more importantly what has he really sacrificed. Real sacrifice and beliefs come from individuals without huge paychecks to play sports, maybe missing a limb or two, but still find a way to standup for the National Anthem.

Kaepernick knows he can reach decision makers by using his sports celebrity status like many athletes have in the past. However, most athletes promoting a cause have precise and calculated agendas away from the playing field.

How did JJ Watt singly raise millions for all in need?

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He had a positive message that resonated with all Americans. Kaepernick on the other hand has singly helped to further the racial, and political division in our country. Is this where Nike is going as well? Better yet, fund Mr. Louis etc… Other than supporting youth sports in the inner city, to sell more shoes and apparel in the future, what has Nike done on this front.

Basically, until he has his undefined change accomplished the Anthem is a hostage. This country needs at least one rallying point that everyone can support and feel good about. Think of it like the Soccer World Cup.

Our National Anthem was a daily reminder of why you feel good when a US athlete or team wins a Gold medal in the Olympics. Both of my kids, adopted internationally, are recipients of these freedoms, that would not be allotted to them in their birth countries.

They simply believed in the fabric of America, and the song that represents our past, present and future. Nike is an American success story that everyone should feel good about.

I end by stating that my daughter still loves soccer. I prefer not to ask her if she still loves Nike? Mike k September 6, at 4: Someone who does not know the meaning of sacrifice. I will never buy any Nike merchandise again for myself or my family.

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Bezoek SKECHERS online, de grootste collectie sport, fitness, geklede en casual schoenen voor dames, heren en kinderen. Nike History. Nike was founded in by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman. The company was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports and . Nike, Inc. (/ ˈ n aɪ k i /) is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan is the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major.

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Nike reebok

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