Murras is a significant work of

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Murras is a significant work of

The four case studies are summarised and analysed below. The experiences of the first patient impacted on the experiences of the second patient, and on the approach taken by the management and staff in the aged care facility where both patients lived.

Murras is a significant work of

The first patient, an Aboriginal Elder for whom English was the second language, was supported by the Aboriginal aged care facility to see a Murras is a significant work of ophthalmologist for increasing blindness.

The patient was referred to a city hospital for further investigation and eye surgery.

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While consenting for further treatment, it became apparent that the patient was highly apprehensive about flying and about the need to attend an Adelaide hospital.

The staff arranged two escorts, one companion and one person who was able to interpret and assist with communication and disability-friendly transport and accommodation the patient used a wheelchair.

When the patient and escorts arrived at the hospital, the staff raised concerns about consent, saying that without an accredited interpreter, the patient could not give informed consent.

Murras is a significant work of

The hospital staff cancelled the surgery and prepared a booking for a flight back home for all three people. One escort rang the aged care manager, who tried to talk directly with the ophthalmologist.

However, by the time the manager could speak to the doctor and explain that an interpreter had been sent and that the patient was, in fact, consenting, the doctor had moved on in the surgical list and said it was too late-the surgery was booked out.

So the patient and escorts flew back without the operation being done. The patient was very frustrated and angry and when interviewed for this project had very poor vision.

The aged care manager planned to act as an escort on the next trip to ensure the procedure occurred, and to be on hand to solve any problems that arose. The patient refused to fly again and died before regaining sight. Patient's story A second resident, a senior Elder woman who had been blind for some years, also needed eye surgery.

In an enrolled nurse involved in the Fred Hollows program began the process. First, a referral was arranged with a doctor in the local Aboriginal health service and an appointment made to see a specialist in the major regional town.

After six months, an appointment was available and the woman travelled six hours by road with a carer and driver. When they arrived, they were informed that the referral was out of date and they would need to get another referral.

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They returned home and saw the general practitioner GP for a second referral, and waited months for their appointment. Finally, they saw the specialist, who said that her eye condition was beyond his ability and referred her to an Adelaide specialist.

It was determined that one eye could be operated on. They returned home to wait for the surgery date. Two surgery dates were made and then cancelled by the hospital in late The woman was very excited, then very upset, both times. No further surgery date was set.

In Januaryafter repeated calls to the city and no positive response, a staff nurse rang the local Member of Parliament and explained the situation. By that afternoon, an appointment was made for five weeks hence.

A surgery date was set with pre-admission checks in the same week. The patient would not be able to fly after surgery, and so it was decided to take the aged care bus with a carer and driver.

A second resident, requiring high levels of disability care, also required surgery the same week. The two patients were related, and could provide family support to each other. The three staff and two patients travelled to Adelaide in one day-a trip that took twelve hours. They were all exhausted when they arrived in the city and found that the motel was not suitable and they had to arrange alternative accommodation.

There were three pre-admission clinic appointments the next day, which took all day and the patient became quite upset. The carer was only able to interpret some of the information provided.This page was last edited on 23 May , at Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may using.

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