Cyanotic antithesis lyrics

The logging and manufacturing processes are expected to conform to the environmental regulations of the country of origin. The collider itself - a ring some eighty-five kilometres in circum-ference built far beneath the Texas soil had utterly vanished, and only the surface buildings remained.

Cyanotic antithesis lyrics

The man of the future, who will redeem us not only from the hitherto reigning ideal but also from that which was bound to grow out of it, the great nausea, the will to nothingness, nihilism; this bell-stroke of noon and of the great decision that liberates the will again and restores its goal to the earth and his hope to man; this Antichrist and Antinihilist; this victor Cyanotic antithesis lyrics God and Nothingness- he must come one day.

It stank like a public toilet, and was just as filthy.

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Accessible only by rickety wooden stairs fixed to a rough stone wall, the cellar was off-limits to everybody except my grandfather.

This was his world.

Cyanotic antithesis lyrics

Dangling unconcealed form the wall was a faded red enema bag, a sign of the misplaced confidence Jack Angus Warner had in the fact that even his grandchildren would not dare to trespass. Crowning it all was a small square window- it looked like stained glass, but it was actually stained with gray grime and grazing through it really felt like looking up out of the blackness of hell.

What intrigued me most in the cellar was the workbench. It was old and crudely made, as if it had been constructed centuries ago. A drawer had been awkwardly built into the full-length mirror, the kind with a wooden frame meant to be nailed to the door.

We wanted nothing more than to become detectives, spies or private investigators when we grew up. It was in trying to develop the requisite skills in stealth that we were first exposed to all this iniquity.

At first, all we wanted to do was sneak downstairs and spy on grandfather without him knowing. But once we stared discovering everything that was hidden there, our motives changed.

Nearly everyday we made new and grotesque discoveries. There I found a stack of black and white bestiality pictures. There were early-seventies photos of women straddling giant horse dicks and sucking pigs dicks, which looked like soft, fleshy corkscrews, I had seen Playboy and Penthouse before, but these photos were in another class altogether.

They were surreal- all the women were beaming real innocent flower-child smiles as they sucked and fucked these animals. Instead of staling a whole magazine we would take a razor blade and carefully cut out certain pages. Years later, we went back to find them, and they were still there but frayed, deteriorated and covered with earthworms and slugs.

One afternoon in the fall as Chad and I sat around my grandmother dining room table after a particularly uneventful day at school, we resolved to find out what was inside the locked workbench drawer. People always told me I resembled her because we were both skinny with the same narrow facial structure.

Above the table hung a yellowing picture of the pope in a cheap brass frame. An imposing-looking family tree tracing the Warners back to Poland and Germany, where they were called the Wanamakers, was plastered on the wall nearby.

And crowning it all was a large, hollow, wooden crucifix with a gold Jesus on top, a dead palm leaf wrapped around it and sliding top that concealed a candle and a vial of holy water.

Under the kitchen table, there was a heating vent that led to the workbench in the cellar. Through it, we could hear my grandfather coughing and hacking down there.

He had his CB radio on, but he never talked into it. He had been hospitalizes with throat cancer when I was very young and, for as long as I could remember, I never heard his actual voice, just the jagged wheezing that he forced through his tracheotomy.

We waited until we heard him leave the cellar, abandoned our meat loaf, poured our Jell-O into the heating vent and ventured downstairs. We could hear our grandmother calling futilely after us: Clean the rest of your Plates! Typically, if she caught us stealing food, talking back or goofing off, we were forced to kneel on a broomstick in the kitchen for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, which resulted in perpetually bruised and scabbed knees.

Chad and I worked quickly and quietly. We knew what had to be done. Picking a rusted screwdriver off the floor, we pried the work-bench drawer open wide enough so we could peek in.


Chad pushed the screwdriver deeper into the drawer. There was hair and lace. We wedged the screwdriver further, and I pulled until the drawer gave way. We began unwrapping the cellophane, but as soon as we saw what it concealed, we dropped the package to the floor.

Neither of us wanted to touch it. It was a collection of dildows that had suction cups on the bottom. Maybe it was because I was so young, but they seemed enormous. And they were covered with hardened dark orange slime, like the gelatinous crust that builds up around a turkey when it is cooked.

We later deduced that it was aged Vaseline.Antithesis Mp3 Download. Results including keyword 'antithesis' 1secrets of the moon secrets of the moon antithesis mp3 from: size: KB - duration: - bitrate: kbps download - listen - lyrics.

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Lyrics to Cyanotic Antithesis: Surround myself in the forming structures. Expanding sonance through the broken ground. I lose myself inside the waves of static. Immerse myself within the walls of sound. Dissonance is all I hear. Dissonance is all too clear. Best Cocktail Poems | Poetry.

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The thesis/antithesis should produce a synthesis, a three (see Three). TWO therefore, gives expression to a hostility, which from being hidden becomes manifest; rivalry and mutual feelings, either of love or of hate; opposition which may be sterile and negative, as well as complimentary and productive.

Frequency In Cycles, Order Out Of Chaos, Insurgence, Transhuman, Deface, Axiom, Suspension Of Disbelief, Actuator, Sensory Deprivation, Beta Blocker, Antithesis.

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